An old friend

They were her college jeans from a lifetime passed. She laid back upon the bed took in a deep breath and tugged. “Zip” and as she popped the button into place, she gasped for air. Now, she remembers what freedom tasted like.

My first try at micro fiction. With the prompt- “Tell me something, old friend: why are you fighting?”

Ode to a Sunday


Sunday Funday

I would love to live a life of perpetual Sundays. A life dedicated to days when you have nothing and everything to do. Where you have free reign to stay in your pajamas, naps are almost required and you always have enough time for tea and a good meal. Sundays have become my solace in a life of hurry, worry and work.

My Sundays always begin the same way, with groggy encrusted eyes, a stretch of my right arm until my shoulder gives an enjoyable “pop!” This sleepy ritual is followed by the ritual of coffee making, the slow and steady sign that “I am human, and I am alive.” Much like sundays, coffee is something else that calms and rejuvenates me (that’s part of the beauty of caffeine.)

After my keurig coffee maker gives the last gurgle signalling the true start to any day, I pick up the phone and I dial home.  My mother sits on the other end of the phone, she is also drinking a cup of steaming coffee ready to express her concerns, love and life with me. I miss her. On Sunday, it’s okay to be lonely.  We talk for almost exactly an hour every single week.  This is also part of the beauty of sunday, nothing is every really planned and yet the routine still exists.

Every Sunday the plan is different. I can read, knit, create, write. Or, I can run errands and prepare for the week ahead. Most likely both. I can prepare a meal, read a few chapters and do laundry. Each item I cross off my list of “to-dos and should-dos” releases a little bit happiness into my heart. Every chapter and every grocery  item is a promise that I will breeze through the upcoming week and make it to the other side.

Inevitably, Sunday always leads to Monday. The worst part of Sunday, is saying “Good bye, see  next week.” Sundays fit me kind of like a best friend; snug enough to never want to let them go, but with the confidence that no matter how long of a break you take from them they will always fit you just perfectly. Going to bed on Sunday is always bitter sweet. It means I have to put aside the relaxation and prepare for a week of work. In my last few minutes of Sunday, I always make sure to be thankful for the peace and hope the day has left in me. I take my last few breaths of the weekend and I fall into a peaceful sleep, ready to take on the work week.

Funfetti Cheese Cake Dip

I am always looking for new and different desserts. I am also always looking for interesting and tasty treats to share  with everyone at work. Tomorrow, I plan to debut my new concoction Funfetti Cheese Cake Dip. It’s so easy  it’s almost stupid! It is a mixture of 4  ingredients, that you combine, chill and dip.  I introduced this to the family and they said it was “addicting”. (Which is my definition of a good dessert!)




Funfetti Cake Mix (16.5oz)

2 cups Vanilla Yogurt

1/2 Cup Cream Cheese- soft

2 cups Cool Whip (unthawed)

Sprinkles (optional but fun)

Something to dip into it: Animal Crackers, Nilla Wafers, Graham Crackers, Apples (feel free to use your imagination people!)


Combine cream cheese and yogurt into a medium mixing bowl, use electric mixer and beat until mixture is smooth. Add cake mix and cool whip.  Using a spoon mix until smooth.

You can add more whip cream for a lighter texture. Chill in the refrigerator at least 1 hour. Add sprinkles if you want to bring out the FUN in this dessert.  Serve with delicious dip-ables i.e. animal crackers.

This is my first recipe blog post, and all feedback is much appreciated!

(please forgive me for my poor picture quality.)

7 Reasons why I decided to create Fireball, Flannel and Feist

7 Reasons why I decided to create Fireball, Flannel and Feist

1) I love to write and tell stories.
2) I have been thoroughly non-creative since graduating from college.
3) I love spending copious amounts of time on the internet machine.
4) I love whiskey. Talking, thinking and writing about it. But, mostly just drinking it!
5) I collect cozy flannel shirts. And I love to share my thrifty finds with the world!
6) I wanted my own little slice of the internet.
7) I needed a place to share my thoughts on writing, reading and DIY projects

So, welcome to Fireball, Flannel and Feist. May the games begin.